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Accent reduction online meeting

Minimal intervention  Maximal clarity

Claro removes barriers by bridging the gap of pronunciation between people, while maintaining

the unique voice and word choices

Speaker side use cases

In online meetings the ability to rely on gestures, body language, or pointing is lost, hence removing the accent barrier is critical


Sound in local dialect


Sales Call

Speak with confidence 


Overseas commerce trade

Engaging & easily understood


Online Classes 

Listener side use cases

There are hundreds of different English accents.

People feel more comfortable when they hear pronunciations similar to their own.

This holds both native and non-native speakers.

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Reduce "Zoom fatigue"


Virtual team meeting

Relief miss-understanding anxiety


Online job interviews

No endless repetition requests


Getting customer support

Powered by Generative-AI

Our world’s top Speaking AI researchers built Claro’s technology from the ground up

to enable effective verbal communication, which is the base of every successful collaboration.

Claro was envisioned and designed to be win-win:

for speakers and listeners, for individuals and enterprises, for native and non-native English speakers

AI Voice Clarity Enhancer

Fix mispronunciations and soften yours or anyone else’s accent in online meetings on the fly, giving you peace of mind

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No credit card needed

Free forever

Call assistant for professionals

Make yourself clear
Modify your own voice
Optimize accent to target audience
Understand better
Adjust other's voice
Select your preferred accent

you're only a click away 
from making your calls clear forever

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