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About Claro
What's behind our products

Claro is an advanced AI tool designed to enhance virtual communication by modifying accents in real-time. It uses cutting-edge AI technology to bridge the gap in pronunciation between people, while maintaining their unique voices and word choices.


Claro improves clarity and comprehension in online communication and can be applied to both incoming and outgoing speech. By using Claro, individuals can communicate more effectively and confidently, making them more successful in today's highly competitive and globalized professional world. 

The motto of Claro is "Minimal intervention, Maximal clarity".  The voice is modified just enough to make it clear while preserving an authentic communication between parties.

Accent and our vision

What is an accent
Accent refers to the way in which vowel and consonant sounds are pronounced by individuals or groups of speakers. Accent encompasses not only the sounds themselves, but also the patterns of stress, rhythm, intonation, and other phonetic features that are unique to a given speech community.


About 1.8B people speaks English globally and there are literally hundreds of different English accents across the globe. Some regional English accents can be particularly strong and challenging to comprehend for both native and non-native speakers.. In fact, any accents other than our own is often hard to follow and understand.

Accents and virtual meetings
In today’s fast-paced, work-from-anywhere world, online communication has replaced traditional face-to-face meetings. Without the in-person interaction, we can no longer rely on nonverbal cues such as gestures, facial expressions, or body language to aid our understanding. Accents have therefore become a crucial factor as they can significantly impact our ability to comprehend and interpret spoken language when communicating via phones or computers.

What is Claro
When accents create a communication barrier, it can lead to frustrating and low productivity that hinder career growth.


Claro offers a digital solution that can help alleviate this issue by using AI technology to soften the accents in both outgoing and incoming speech, enhancing clarity and comprehension in virtual communication. With Claro, individuals can communicate more effectively and confidently, improving their chances of success in a globalized and highly competitive professional world.

In Claro we believe in authentic interaction, which lets both parties “feel” the person on the other side. Therefore, the voice is modified just enough to make it clear while preserving each person’s unique vocal identity and word selection.

One more thing…
Claro is privacy-centric tool and performs all the audio processing locally on your device.

You’re only a click away from

making your calls clear forever

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